Advisor Profiles

Stephen Provost, CPC

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Michael Barros

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jake Kind

Managing Partner | Regulatory Affairs

Shawn Friend

Senior Partner | Physician and Clinical R&D

James Calvino

Partner | Regulatory Affairs

Tricia Krzywicki

Partner | Physician and Clinical R&D

Mark Carlson, CPC, CERS

Partner | Quality Assurance

Butch Hawking

Partner | Technical Operations & CMC and IT

Alison Corshia

Head of Operations

Devon Asselin

Head of Research & Project Management

Mike Smith

Director | Technical Operations & CMC and IT

Katie Leath

Director | Physician and Clinical R&D

Megan Andriatch

Director | HR Executive Search

Melissa Acevedo

Senior Associate | Preclinical & Discovery

Evan Hansberry

Senior Associate | Clinical R&D and Regulatory Affairs

Mary Katherine DeVane

Senior Associate

Kendall Nelson

Senior Project Specialist

Matt Cruickshank


Sam Amadio

Associate | Regulatory Affairs

Mike Morak

Associate | Regulatory Affairs

Adam Metter

Associate | Regulatory Affairs

Jordan Sales

Project Specialist | Physician and Clinical R&D

Kristin Call

Project Specialist | Technical Operations & CMC and IT