Prestige Scientific Expands to Wilmington, NC

Prestige Scientific Expands to Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC. – Prestige Scientific Staffing, Inc., an executive search firm that advises clients in the life sciences to recruit impactful leaders, today announces the opening of a new office  to accommodate the rapid growth and future expansion plans.  The new office space located at 414 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, NC and. will provide additional recruiting support for future search projects.

“In an effort to fuel our own growth, as well as better service our clients, we are pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our offices into the North Carolina area. Prestige Scientific’s new office space will allow us to increase our search capabilities in key areas that align with our current and future growth plans.  The new space will also allow us to expand our core teams to support the growth we are experiencing across our client’s business units” said Stephen Provost, Senior Partner at Prestige Scientific. “Our team is excited about the 42% YOY growth we experienced in 2015 and this move represents a commitment to continue to build on the success our team has accomplished.”

Prestige Scientific will now have two fully functioning offices to meet our client’s diverse needs.  Senior Partner, Stephen Provost with two Executive Search Associates, and a Project Specialist will make up the Wilmington office.


About Prestige Scientific

About Prestige Scientific: Prestige Scientific provides our clients with a performance-based hiring system that identifies leaders with past success meeting similar corporate objectives as their own, while overcoming challenges and adhering to critical timelines. This systematic approach has proven to decrease our client’s time-to-fill while increasing hiring accuracy. On average our executive searches are completed in 59 days, with the eventual hire presented to the client by the 9th day of the search, with a success rate of 99.7%. Prestige Scientific team members specialize by Practice Area and are deeply anchored in each discipline.

Executive Search Expertise:

* Executive and Senior Management * Discovery/PreClinical * Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs * Clinical and Physician * Biometrics * Manufacturing and Operations

For more information, contact Prestige Scientific at or (508) 422-9322