Prestige Places Senior Director- Regulatory Operations

Prestige Places Senior Director- Regulatory Operations

Wilmington NC- October 2018– Prestige Scientific, an executive search firm, reported its completion of a Senior Director – Regulatory Operations, search. This hire will work with senior leadership and team members to develop regulatory strategy for novel pharmaceuticals.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Manage content and message of assets down the pipeline through to regulatory submissions and reporting of safety
  • Report programs and developments to Senior Management and Board of Directors
  • Direct review of regulatory submissions, collaboration communications, and intellectual property filings


Client: Privately-held biotechnology company focused on a spectrum of autoinflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

About Prestige Scientific: Prestige Scientific provides our clients with a performance-based hiring system that identifies leaders with past success meeting similar corporate objectives as their own while overcoming challenges and adhering to critical timelines. This systematic approach has proven to decrease our client’s time-to-fill while increasing hiring accuracy. On average our executive searches are completed in 59 days, with the eventual hire presented to the client by the 9th day of the search, with a success rate of 99.7%. Prestige Scientific team members specialize by Practice Area and are deeply anchored in each discipline.