Why remote work matters to your hiring

Why remote work matters to your hiring

What’s your work-at-home policy look like for 2021? And just exactly how much does it matter? Turns out a lot, if you’re hoping to hire. Here’s why remote work matters to your hiring. 

Owl Labs conducted an end-of-2020 survey to find out how employees around the country feel about working in a post-COVID world.

Two critical takeaways:

1. 70% of full-time workers in the US experienced working from home during the pandemic

2. 77% say they want the option to work from home permanently

The ability to work from home has become a critical lever for employees who have gotten a taste for being productive in their leisurewear and skipping the morning commute.

And while there is a fine line between “more quality time with family” and “way too much quality time,” as a Managing Partner at Prestige Scientific, I can testify that “remote work policy” is a frontline topic of conversation among job candidates today.

What’s your remote work policy going to look like for 2021 and beyond?

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific

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