What it means to be a manager today

What it means to be a manager today

What it means to be a manager today is changing rapidly. The media reports on it constantly, and I see it in my work at Prestige Scientific, as well. 

When Harvard Business Review recently surveyed over 3,000 knowledge workers, the findings revealed that in more than 70% of manager-employee relationships, either the manager or employee will continue to work remotely in at least the near to mid-range future. 

This is causing shifts in the way managers manage. With less insight into day-to-day workflow, a lot of the oversight managers used to provide is now handled by things like scheduling software and other automated tools.

But managers are offering more support in other ways — especially in areas related to emotional health. Managers are honing their communication skills, not to mention their skill set around empathy. 

Leading with empathy is a new paradigm for a lot of more traditional managers, but those who can make the shift are going to find themselves better equipped for leadership in the future, regardless of where that leadership takes place.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific
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