What all successful leaders have in common

What all successful leaders have in common

Much of what you become in life depends on whom you choose to admire and copy. This, in the words of the great investor Warren Buffet. What do all successful leaders have in common?

Buffett credits his own mentor, Tom Murphy, with handing down several lessons about leadership, including:

1. The importance of giving workers autonomy to make their own decisions (and mistakes)

2. Delegating authority to other managers you trust

3. Hiring not just for skills but for integrity and common sense

What have you learned from leaders you admire? In my work as a Managing Partner here at Prestige Scientific, I regularly cross paths with leaders who have a lot to hand down.

Of course, leadership isn’t just about copying someone else’s style, but taking the best of it and making it your own. What do you think all successful leaders have in common? Let us know!

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific
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