Treat Potential Employees Like Customers

Treat Potential Employees Like Customers

In the business world, we all talk about offering customers an elevated experience, but don’t forget to treat potential employees like customers too.

When you’re hiring, you’re essentially trying to please a prospective customer whose “purchasing decision” is whether they’ll come work for you or not. If they don’t have a superior experience in the hiring process, you may not land that customer, and in fact, that “customer” will be more apt to share their poor experience with others. 

In this sense, your recruiting team (internal and external) — those involved in the hiring and interview process — are your sales team. Make sure they’re well versed in how to treat prospects. 

Here are some tips that we have developed through our 20 years in executive search:

1. Always treat your potential hires with courtesy, enthusiasm, and care. Be prepared for interviews and make them feel welcome.

2. Give every candidate an equal chance. Minimize potential bias in your hiring process, and be prepared to provide quality feedback. See our video on minimizing bias.

3. Move quickly through the hiring process. Every second counts. You want the best talent, and so does every other organization out there. Top candidates will be interviewing at multiple companies and will receive multiple offers. Speed will not only beat out your competitors, but it will show candidates that you want them on the team.

4. When it comes time to make an offer, treat this stage with urgency. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. They are about to make a huge life change, and are feeling vulnerable. There is nothing worse than dragging this process out. Not only does it open up the potential hire to question the move as a whole, but they may start to doubt you as a company. Be timely with your offer, set a date for presentation if you need to, and be sure to meet that deadline.

When using an external recruiter, you’ll want to make sure you trust that person to represent your company in the best way, though once that recruiter passes candidates off to your team, you’ll want to make sure everyone is well-prepared to treat potential employees like customers. By following our tips above, you’ll surely beat out competition and make new hires feel truly welcome and excited to join your team.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific

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