Top 6 Reasons Pharma Execs Are Losing Sleep

Top 6 Reasons Pharma Execs Are Losing Sleep

A new survey of Big Pharma CEO’s shows that the concerns that once kept them up at night have shifted. For instance, top execs are less likely these days to worry about recruiting talent, setting up an effective organizational chart, and getting the most out of their R&D spending. Regulatory compliance? Less scary than before. Same goes for social responsibility.

Instead, C-level managers are staying up late to scheme about:

1. cost cutting–no surprise given the latest surge in job cuts and cost squeezes all over the pharma world.

2. Buying other companies and selling off underperforming units. Consider Pfizer ($PFE) CEO Ian Read’s ongoing buy-and-sell operation, or the big asset swap-and-sale between Novartis ($NVS) and GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK).

3. Senior pharma types know they need to focus on milking their key brands for sales and profits–and for as long as possible.

4. Product launches loom large, too, with execs mulling over ways to accelerate product uptake, persuade payers their products are better and/or more cost-effective than their rivals, and building up sales and marketing to crack new markets.

5. Emerging markets come in for some thought, too, but not across the board. Managers who are focused on these fast-growth countries worry about the risks–including pricing pressure and increased competition.

6. And they’re weighing ways to tailor product portfolios to individual markets, and tweak operating models, too.

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