Tips for Biopharma CEOs to Build a Team in 2021

Tips for Biopharma CEOs to Build a Team in 2021

As JPM comes to a close, now is the time to set our sights on executing on the strategy we discussed over the last few days. It’s the time to ask, do I have the right people on the bus to meet our 2021 milestones? Below are some tips to help you build a team in 2021.

How to Cultivate Resilience

Resilience. It’s one of the secrets to survival, both professionally and personally. It’s what’s gotten you to where you are, and it’s what will help define who you will become. Looking back at some of the toughest situations you’ve endured, you may have felt there was no other choice. It was a natural instinct. And while it’s true that resilience can come innately, it’s also a learned skill.

Instead of leaving resilience up to chance, considering strengthening those muscles by choice. How can we lead a more resilient life, and lead a more resilient team, in the year to come? Read more.

3 Tips for Biopharma CEOs to Build a Team in 2021

There is a lot of competition for the same talent. New companies started weekly, pulling from the same talent pool, everyone company is unique and novel. How to beat out other companies to quickly build the team to meet your milestones and drive programs forward?

1. Pitch your search firm – Use the company non-confidential slide deck to share how you position the company to investors. Recruiters will then be taking your message to potential employees who will want to invest their future with your company and share in your vision.

2. Streamline your interview processes – Timing has always been the #1 hurdle at offer stage, but also one step before, at interview stage. With more than 90% of interview processes currently via video, we no longer have major time challenges associated with finding times to travel to an interview or pushing out interviews until the entire interview panel is free in a 5-hour window. This allows flexibility to move quickly to schedule interviews over the course of multiple days and on short notice.

3. Create a “No Veto” Policy – Only the hiring manager of the role has the decision to veto. All other interview members provide fact-based feedback that resulted from answers to interview questions, to the hiring manager. Empower your hiring managers to make their own decision based on the facts.


Prestige Scientific specializes in all phases of drug development from discovery through commercial (learn more about our expertise). Whether you’re looking for your next career move, or someone to help your company invent and innovate, Prestige Scientific is here for you. Get in touch via email or LinkedIn to learn more about our process or talk about a new search project. View some of our current opportunities. 

Recently Completed Searches

  • Interim CEO – Completed search for a CEO to lead a pre-Series A biotech with a novel manufacturing process and a clear regulatory pathway. The CEO will assemble the team, lead the clinical strategy, and raise required capital to lead the company through Phase II studies.
  • Chief Medical Officer – Completed search for our rapidly growing, clinical stage biotech client based in San Diego. Our client’s mission is to transform failed drugs into precision medicines utilizing biomarkers and gene therapy. Prestige presented the hired candidate within 30 days of initiating project and successfully placed the candidate within 57 days of project launch.
  • Chief Medical Officer – Completed search for our rapidly growing biotechnology partner pioneering a new and differentiated class of therapeutics based on its proprietary bicyclic peptide technology. Our client’s mission is to continue the development of their novel class of medicines for diseases that are underserved by existing therapeutics. An international search was conducted, and senior executives from across the United States, UK, Germany, and Switzerland were identified for consideration. After only 10 days Prestige submitted the candidate who would ultimately be hired. A hire was made after 68 days from initiation of the search project.
  • Vice President of Quality – Completed search for our rapidly growing, clinical stage neuroscience client in the Dallas, TX area. Our client’s mission is to develop therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action for the treatment of severe life-threatening diseases with no approved or effective therapy. Prestige presented the candidate that was ultimately hired within 17 days of starting the project and completed the project within 76 days.
  • Associate Vice President, Drug Safety & Evaluation – Completed search for our rapidly growing, clinical stage rare disease client in the Dallas Texas area. Our client’s mission is to develop novel therapeutics for patients with serious or life-threatening diseases by targeting molecular pathways involved in the regulation of cellular metabolism and inflammation. Prestige presented the candidate hired within 2 days of starting the project and successfully placed the candidate within 3 weeks of project launch.
  • Senior Director, CMC Cell & Gene Therapy – Completed search for our rapidly growing, global biotechnology client based in Massachusetts that is committed to delivering innovative medicines for rare diseases, and investing in technology to improve the drug development process.

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