The True Cost of Work-related Stress

The True Cost of Work-related Stress

$2.2T a year.

This is how much our stress costs our economy. At least according to Rob Cooke, a relationship manager for high-net-worth individuals. It impacts our wellness, our engagement at work, and our productivity.

In a TED Talk I just watched, Cooke gives an example of a single mom under enormous pressure in a stressful desk job. She doesn’t have time to cook, so to make it work, she typically feeds her family overly processed prepared foods high in sugar and salt. 

Her poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress lead to diabetes. Medical care costs her and her company a fortune. This leads to more stress. She’s not as productive as she used to be in her job. Her output and contributions decrease.

This scenario probably doesn’t describe you.  But it does affect you, because it affects our economy. And let’s face it, we’re all under a lot of stress.

In fact, in my 20 years as a recruiter, I’ve definitely noticed that one thing most people have in common is stress. Manage your stress — and help your team members manage theirs — and we all benefit.

Check out the TED Talk:

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific