The Importance of Creating a To-Be List

The Importance of Creating a To-Be List

You probably have a to-do list. You might have many.

But do you have a to-be list?

Your to-be list is the list of ways you want to show up for your employees, your company, your customers and yourself at work every day. For instance:

  • I will be a focused, patient listener.
  • I will never be in a hurry when talking to a colleague, no matter their role.
  • I will be present on Zoom calls—even if they’re boring—instead of multitasking.

Your to-be list might not contain items you can check off and forget about. In fact, it might be the same every day. But checking in with this list every morning can help you calibrate your mindset and behavior to be the best you you can be that day. As they say, how you do anything is how you do everything.


By Michael Barros, Managing Partner Prestige Scientific

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