Shawn Friend



Shawn Friend is a Senior Partner with Prestige Scientific and has been working in executive search for 16 years. He has been involved in building numerous clinical teams for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in both the private and public sectors. He has consistently crafted partnerships that provide talent solutions to help battle the numerous unmet medical needs across the world.


Specializing in Clinical Development (physicians) and Clinical Operations (management/ leadership), Shawn has witnessed the approval of numerous life changing products. Not only does he have the opportunity to see individual lives changed through his recruiting efforts, he gets to partake in literally making the world a better place for all of us. Most recently his successful searches included: Chief Medical Officer I Oncology, Senior Medical Director I Immunology, Senior Medical Director I CAR-T, Chief Medical Director I Immuno-Oncology, Senior Medical Director I Oncology, Senior Medical Director I Inflammatory, Fibrotic.


Shawn lives in Wilmington, NC and is a father to three beautiful daughters. He enjoys working with the community and volunteering with organizations like the Salvation Army and the Habitat for Humanity. Last year, he was fortunate enough to participate in a “Run for the Ta Tas” and looks forward to several more similar events this year, 2020.



“Shawn was a pleasure to work with and incredibly professional throughout my search experience. Instead of feeling pushed towards open roles that weren’t good fits for me, Shawn spent the time to find out what I was interested in and then work with me to find a job that aligned with my professional goals. He was incredibly consistent and had great follow-up, even after I accepted my new role. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.”

– Senior Medical Director


“Shawn is a great recruiter. Attentive, detailed oriented, creative, and a very personable partner.”

– Senior Medical Director


“Shawn is a great recruiter. He always advocated for his clients and went the extra mile to get all the information I needed to make an informed decision. He also followed up with me after I was in my new role and noted all of my comments. I’d recommend him without hesitation.”

– Senior Medical Director


“Shawn was a pleasure to work with. He understood the opportunity very well and stood out among others as someone who really works to prepare candidates. Highly recommend Shawn.”

– Chief Medical Officer


“Shawn Friend has been a recruiter of mine for several years. In my opinion, his best quality as a recruiter is the ability to really know his clients. Whether he’s looking for a position for you or looking for the right people to fill positions you have open, he scrutinizes the need and its match before presenting any options. He knows me so well, that when I wasn’t looking for a career change, he talked me into interviewing for a very unique opportunity. That position changed my career, my perspective, and my path for the better. He then played a pivotal role in my success in that position by providing candidates with similar drive and personality who were also highly skilled in specific areas I requested. Because of his insights and his understanding as a partner, not just a vendor, I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him for years to come.”

– Senior Director, Biometrics


“I have known Shawn for some time now and in addition to partnering with him on a number of different accounts, I can say that he is truly a genuine and accountable individual. Shawn is an honest professional, with a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills and someone who values relationships. Time and time again, he has demonstrated the ability to identify top talent whose skill sets seamlessly align with the wants, needs and desires of his clients and always exceeds expectations.”

– Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition