Simply checking in is so important right now

Simply checking in is so important right now

“So, Michael, how are you?”

I don’t know about you, but I love the courtesy of a simple check in. 

Long before the pandemic isolated most of us, conducted a “Belonging Barometer” survey of 1,000 Americans and found that more than 40% felt “physically and emotionally isolated” in the workplace. If nearly half of people felt lonely at work before, I can only imagine how they feel now.

Whether your company is working remotely or not, the art of the simple check in can be so important to establishing a sense of rapport and belonging among employees. This might mean colleagues checking in with colleagues or leaders checking in with their reports. 

“Seize small opportunities to connect,” say the report’s authors on Harvard Business Review. “For example, a simple ‘How are you doing? How can I support you?’ could go a long way in nearly every setting.”

My personal experience as a recruiter for the last 20 years backs this up. People want to feel not just that they belong, but they’re appreciated, seen and heard. 

What can you do to reach out to someone in your workplace today?

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific