Recruiter Tips to Making the Right Hire

Recruiter Tips to Making the Right Hire

Would you rather hire someone based on a listed skill set or delivered past results? To answer this question, we must look at traditional job descriptions vs. performance profiles. The benefits of hiring based on a performance focused profile are immense. If we conduct a quick comparison; a job description might list required skills, education level, and experience whereas a performance focused profile might list actual expectations of the role – such as increasing revenue by a certain percentage, decreasing expenses, or mitigating risk.

The differences in these two approaches will attract different types of candidates. Typically, performance focused profiles will help to eliminate ill-equipped candidates before the application process even begins. Accordingly, if someone can fulfill the expectations for the job, they already possess any skill sets you would be looking for by posting a job description. When candidates are going through multiple stages of interviews at various levels, performance focused profiles help to keep everyone on the hiring team on the same page as to what is expected of a possible new hire. This keeps the focus on capabilities and holds all candidates to the same standards.

Performance focused profiles recognize that it isn’t an employee’s skill set that matters, but what they have demonstrated their ability to achieve using those skills. Once you make a hire, you can continue to use the profile to assess how well an employee is fulfilling the role by following the expectations that have been clearly laid out from the start. If someone has the skills or experience required for a role, it does not mean that they will necessarily perform well; looking at someone’s past accomplishments is a better indicator for future performance.

Job Description:

Focuses on the person

  •         Gives a general overlay of the expected skill set for a job
  •         Lists responsibilities of the job
  •         Lists background knowledge & requirements
  •         May list required experience or education level


Performance Profile:

Focuses on the job

  •         Looks to recruit candidates based on the value of the position rather than its expected compensation
  •         Provides detailed expectations for hired employees – minimizing turnover
  •         Hires based on performance success rather than a listed skill set
  •         Finds candidates fit to handle the responsibilities of the company and not just the responsibilities of the job
  •         Objectives over responsibilities