Practices for Retaining Your Best Employees

Practices for Retaining Your Best Employees

Some companies struggle with employee retention, but it’s something that every company wants to excel at. Here are some practices for retaining your best employees.

How to increase your retention efforts:

1. Find out why people are leaving

2. Connect the work each employee does to your company purpose

3. Give positive feedback

4. Create an incredible onboarding process

In my experience as a recruiter for 20 years, that last element is one of the most important. The onboarding experience you give employees sets the tone for their entire connection to your company.

Make your onboarding personal, warm and welcome. Make every new employee feel like they belong. From that foundation, hopefully, they’ll thrive. What are some of your practices for retaining your best employees?


By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific

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