Negotiation Tips

Negotiation Tips

Part of what’s great about hiring a recruiter is having an ally in the negotiation with a potential new employer.

But even with a recruiter helping you out, you’re still going to be involved in the negotiation. And if that’s not your strong suit, it can feel nerve-racking.

Here are some of the tips I give candidates here at Prestige Scientific about honing their negotiation skills.

1. Always do your homework so you know your options and can present a thoughtful case.

2. Define your goals before you walk into the conversation and know exactly how far you’re willing to bend. (the minimum outcome you’re willing to accept).

3. Stay calm, cool and collected. Emotional responses can clouded your thinking and even derail the process.

4. Be a listener. Good negotiators spend more time listening than talking.

5. Most important: Ask for what you want.

And if you need any more tactical advice, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific, Inc.