Mentoring is too valuable to consider it optional

Mentoring is too valuable to consider it optional

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With everything going on this year, some things have had to give. And for a lot of leaders, mentorship relationships have gone out the door. In my opinion, mentoring is too valuable to consider it optional.

You may have had the best intentions to pour energy and attention into your mentorship projects this year, but it’s October and you’re now realizing it didn’t happen the way you had envisioned. 

In my 20 years as a recruiter, I’ve learned a lot about how mentor/mentee relationships benefit company leaders and rising stars. 

Get your mentoring back on track

It’s not too late to get your mentoring efforts back on track this year. But there’s a way to do it that won’t drain your already low reserves. Harvard Business Review calls this “fuel-efficient mentoring”:

  1. Draft a doc that outlines your expectations of exactly how meetings with your mentee will go, and how often they’ll happen.
  2. Keep meetings short and sweet, and train your mentees to show up with an agenda in mind and questions already formulated.
  3. If you have multiple mentees, meet with them in a group format so they can learn from each other as well as you.

Mentoring is too valuable to consider it optional

There are plenty of other ways to make your mentor/mentee more efficient without losing momentum. We are always interested in hearing what other leaders in the industry are doing for their mentorship programs. Reach out with your thoughts and questions anytime. 

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific


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