Make Peace with Failure

Make Peace with Failure

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety. It’s good to think about past failures to learn from those experiences, but it’s not productive to keep circling through those thoughts.
Here are 5 strategies to make peace with work anxieties and failures:
1. Don’t make it personal – separate failures from your identity.

2. Learn and adapt – think about failures more productively by asking questions like, “Why did I fail?” and “What could have been done better?”

3. Don’t dwell on it – dwelling on failures will get you trapped in a doom loop. The quicker you can shift your outlook in a positive direction, the quicker you will be able to move toward the future.

4. Release the need for approval of others – fear of judgement and loss of respect is often the root cause for many work anxieties, but living with these fears will undermine your passion and confidence, and ultimately your ability to succeed.

5. Try a new point of view – start shifting your thinking in a more positive way, if you fail you can learn and position yourself one step closer to succeeding.