How to write about your accomplishments on your resume

How to write about your accomplishments on your resume

At heart, every resume has one objective: to prove that you’re a good prospect for a role. How do you prove it? Lead with results, the best way to write about your accomplishments on your resume.

Your resume must be about more than your experience and training. It’s about the wins. What have you accomplished in past roles, and how do you quantify those accomplishments?

The clients I work with at Prestige Scientific are incredibly busy, and they have a low risk-tolerance when it comes to hiring. They want assurance that the candidate they choose is a proven winner. 

So whenever you can, attach a number figure to an accomplishment; it’s apt to catch the eye of a hiring manager. For instance:

– Brought a cutting-edge product to market in just 90 days

– Adapted technology that made ________ process 4x faster

– Mentored 3 up-and-coming leaders within the company through promotions

There aren’t always easy ways to assign a number to your wins, but whenever you can, try. And no matter what, make your successes and accomplishments the most prominent part of your resume.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific

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