How to use background props to standout in a video interview

How to use background props to standout in a video interview

Most advice regarding video interviews, including our own, mentions keeping the background clear of clutter and free of potential distractions. While this is mostly true, there are candidates who are carefully curating their background to reflect aspects of their personality or qualifications.

Prior to video interviews being the norm, your attire was one of the only ways to bring in bits of your personality to the interview room. Now you have a video background to use to your advantage, however, guidelines aren’t defined, and you still need to be careful so you don’t come across as too try-hard or obvious.

Candidates in the creative sector are an obvious group that could take advantage of this, but other sectors could make use of it too. When in doubt, play it safe and have a clear background, especially if you still need to figure out the company culture. Think of it like your resume; you want to edit it a little bit for each situation while remaining true to yourself and your experiences.

Candidates should tailor their backgrounds based on the role and industry and look for clues regarding the company’s culture in its social media activity, on its website, and on the job posting itself. Pay close attention to how the company presents themselves to the world. Are they buttoned-up and traditional, or do they get creative?

Remote work and remote interviews are here for the foreseeable future, and with video interviews you are opening your home-life to merge with professional. This potentially opens you up to bias from interviewers, so keep this in mind when curating your background. However, your video background is a great space for personal branding and can help you standout and be remembered.

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