How to up your game with employer branding

How to up your game with employer branding

One major shift that’s happened over the last year in hiring — more and more people are looking for jobs without leaving the home. That means spending a lot of time online weeding out potential employers and roles, sometimes before even applying for a job. It’s time to up your game with employer branding. 

In my recruiting work for Prestige Scientific, candidates often come to me with an impression of a company they’ve already gotten online. This is why so many companies build out portions of their websites devoted to hiring, but there’s even more you can do.

1. Be mindful of social media. This is one of the first places the job-curious go to get a line on your company vibe.

2. Get going on that blog. Curious job seekers will check out your blog to gauge your company’s voice and culture. They want to know what kind of bright minds you already employ, and what sort of projects might pique their interest.

3. Share employee stories on platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor. One Glassdoor poll showed that over half of candidates consider employee reviews and ratings to be a decisive factor in their job search.

Employer branding has become more important than ever, because candidates are judging you by your online presence. Make sure you stand out amongst your competitors, and don’t just sell what you do for patients, sell what your do for your employees. 

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific
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