How to Make Hard Choices

How to Make Hard Choices

Most people, when confronted with a difficult choice, feel verklempt. Often, we default to the “easier” option — the obvious next job versus a career change. The reliable public corporation versus the startup with the riskier future. But this isn’t always the “best” choice, as I’ve witnessed many times in my 20 years in the recruiting business.

What makes a choice hard, according to TED Talker Ruth Chang, is the presence of two equally weighted options. If one choice were clearly better than the other, the decision would not be hard at all. “Each of us has the power to create reasons,” Chang says.

When faced with hard choices — alternatives that are ‘on a par’ — we tend to create reasons for whichever choice we go with. We say, “I’m more of an entrepreneur than a cog in the wheel,” or, “I’m a country girl; that city job isn’t me.”

Instead of banging your head against a wall to figure out the best option — say, when confronted with a difficult career choice — look inside for what kind of a person you want to be.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific, Inc.