How to know if you’re employer brand is working

How to know if you’re employer brand is working

How do you know if your efforts to boost your employer brand are working?

Here are a few good indicators:

  • Employees are referring peers to your company
  • The quality of job candidates is high, as is your rate of offer acceptance
  • Sites like Glassdoor show positive candidate experience ratings

As another indicator, Glassdoor says that the average applicant-to-interview ratio is 12%, so if yours is higher than that, you’re probably attracting a high caliber of candidates. 

To optimize your employer brand takes effort. Many companies take the time to create a career-focused website within their larger, customer-facing site. 

A Jobvite recruiting benchmark report two years ago proved that a career website was twice as effective as a job board to recruit quality candidates and new hires. 

As a Managing Partner in the world of recruiting, I know for a fact that job seekers pay attention to how you woo them online. They look to your website and social media presence to give them a sense of what kind of company you are.

Ultimately, they’re looking for a company whose values and cultural preferences resemble their own.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific
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