How to Choose a Recruiting Firm

How to Choose a Recruiting Firm

As a recruiter for 20 years, I’ve interfaced with my share of pros and my share of hacks. It goes without saying that any external partner you work with is going to reflect on your brand in some way. Here are some tips to help you choose a recruiting firm.

When it comes to choosing a recruiter, it’s particularly important to keep in mind that this professional may be the first person a potential candidate meets “from your company.”

When you vet a recruiter, there are a few key areas you want to explore:

1. How will they learn about your company, the roles you want to hire for and the reporting structures?

Choose someone who takes the time to get to know the details, and someone who is transparent with expectations, potential challenges, etc. Whoever you choose to work with, make sure you choose a firm that will represent your company in the best light, and stay true to your brand.

2. Do they have a system for contacting candidates and relaying information back and forth? How well do they seem to communicate?

How clearly does this person communicate their firm’s process? Are they upfront with timelines? Again, this comes back to that transparency piece. Transparency helps develop trust and gets everyone on the same page. This is key when developing a new partnership.

3. What’s the recruiter’s process for following up with candidates?

Of course you’ll want the recruiter to work quickly, though a recruiter that takes the time to get messaging on point is working to set the search up for success. The messages going out to the candidate market about your company can make or break your talent acquisition.

The value a recruiter brings to your brand cannot be understated—if you choose the right recruiter.


By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific

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