How curiosity and empathy create inspirational leadership

How curiosity and empathy create inspirational leadership

Is innovation important to your company? It’s one of the biggest business buzzwords of the 2020s and one I hear constantly in my work as a Managing Partner, but it’s also a real goal that can put a company on the map. So, how can curiosity and empathy create inspirational leadership?

Michael Tennant, the founder and CEO of the agency Curiosity Lab, preaches that hiring curious people is one of the keys. Like scientists, curious people are more interested in finding out what they don’t know than proving what they know. That mindset is the key to innovation.

Most of the leaders I work with at Prestige Scientific are certainly eager to amp up the innovation within their organizations. So how to look for curiosity in a candidate and cultivate that quality over time?

As a leader, you can:

  • Encourage your teams to challenge assumptions — even if that means challenging YOU
  • Get in the habit of asking more questions than you give answers
  • Champion creativity and ingenuity — allowing for failure sometimes

Cultures that embrace failure are often some of most innovative, and leaders who embrace curiosity raise up innovative teams.




By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific
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