How can I make a good impression in phone interviews?

How can I make a good impression in phone interviews?

Forget about Zoom. Plenty of hiring managers are still conducting initial interviews over the good old-fashioned phone.

So, if you’re on hunt for a job right now, make sure your skills are polished in that arena.

Some people find it challenging to build rapport over the phone, without the aid of body language and facial expressions. You also don’t have the added advantage of being able to impress with your put-together appearance and firm handshake. 

But as author Alison Green explains in The Cut, all of these “disadvantages” can actually be a good thing. It’s obviously more efficient to talk on the phone versus in person. And for managers, a “blind” phone chat can remove some of the bias of judging a person’s appearance and presentation.

Her advice? Treat phone interviews as “real” interviews—not as informal chats. Pay attention to your tone of voice and the cadence with which you respond. And take advantage of the opportunity to keep a “cheat sheet” nearby.

Phone interviews might intimidate you, but with a little practice, you can really use them to your advantage.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific