Google explains how to write a killer resume

Google explains how to write a killer resume

If you were to get resume advice from anyone who would it be?

How about Google’s Director of Talent, Kyle Ewing? The company receives literally millions of resumes a year, and a real, live person reads every single one.

Here’s what Ewing says are the four most important points to writing “a killer resume:”

  1. Emphasize your impact, outline the results you’ve achieved, and use data to back that story up.
  2. Read the job description closely to take away language you should mimic in your resume.
  3. Be very specific about what you can contribute to this particular organization.
  4. And, of course, celebrate all your experience — which, depending on how many years you’ve been in the job market, might be past employment, but can also include schooling, project work, volunteering or side hustles.

As a recruiter at Prestige Scientific, I read and hear a lot of resume advice, but this struck me as particularly on point. And if it’s good enough for the high standards of Google, chances are, it’s universally good advice.


By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific, Inc.