Motivational Tip: Explain your job to a kindergartner

Motivational Tip: Explain your job to a kindergartner

Have you ever had to explain your job to a kindergartner?

Chances are, a lot of you stuck home this year in the new “remote work” paradigm actually have. But if you haven’t, I recommend trying it. When you break down your job into a simple explanation a kindergartner can understand, it can help you clarify why you do what you do, and give you a spark of motivation.

For instance, in my job as Managing Partner, I help people get jobs so they can feel happy and take care of their families. I help companies find people to work for them who are really excited and smart. 

Five-year-olds don’t care about buzzwords and business lingo. They’re not interested in digital transformation and bleeding-edge technology. In fact, those terms sound pretty scary.

But if you tell them what you do for people, they’ll listen. And when it comes down to it, all of our jobs are ultimately for the sake of other people. 

Take it as a motivational tip. Tell a kindergartner about your job and rediscover why you do what you do. You might even find that you discover something new!


By Michael Barros, Managing Partner Prestige Scientific

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