Technical Operations and Manufacturing

At Prestige Scientific, we understand that Technical Operations leaders face multiple challenges in various manufacturing settings such as small molecule, biologics, peptides, or vaccines. There are many decisions to make such as deciding to produce a batch to supply Phase I or Phase I/II, scale up of drug product for clinical trials, how best to remain compliant while attempting to reduce manufacturing costs, how to avoid your CMO missing a project milestone due to timing or poor yields, how to avoid reducing the effectiveness of the chemistry development process if you wait too long to develop the analytical method until IND, and best practices for a tech transfer to CMOs.


We get it. We want to know the specific challenges for your company and see how we can best use our experience to help provide a solution so you may reach your milestones.

Impact of Covid-19 on CMC & Technical Operations Survey


Thank you to everyone who participated in our CMC & Technical Operations survey regarding the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on your organization. Download a pdf of the survey results by clicking here.


Get in touch with our CMC & Technical Operations Practice Area Leader, Butch Hawking, for help on your next search or career move.

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