Discovery and Preclinical

At Prestige Scientific, we understand the challenges that Discovery and Preclinical teams face. Drug development is a risky, but rewarding business. Success or failure often depends on the go/no go decisions made with a small number of molecules that came from the limited choices offered by the engines of discovery. We understand that a lead candidate needs to possess adequate bioactivity, appropriate physical–chemical properties to enable formulation development, reasonable metabolic stability and appropriate safety and efficacy


Each step requires key decisions when considering target selection, lead finding and optimization, pharmacological profiling, pharmacokinetics, short-term toxicology, formulation and scale-up. Our search results have directly led to our clients building robust pipelines with decreased development expenses and mitigated risk by choosing successful paths forward.


We invite you to view our Case Studies to view the solutions we’ve provided for our clients, and learn why we are an ideal Discovery and Preclinical talent acquisition partner.

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Case Studies