About Prestige Scientific

Executive Search in Life Sciences


Prestige Scientific is an executive search firm that builds innovative leadership teams in Life Sciences, from Discovery through Commercial. We provide our clients with a performance-based hiring system that identifies leaders with past success meeting similar corporate objectives as their own, while overcoming challenges and adhering to critical timelines.


Since our founding in 2001, our search results have led to the landing of critical rounds of funding, the discovery of unmet medical needs, successful regulatory pathway design, merger and acquisition due diligence, executing successful exit strategy, and building successful commercial teams around a marketed product.


Our understanding of which competencies make the difference in a critical hire’s effectiveness can ensure the right experts are identified, and that talent management efforts achieve the greatest return on investment. Learn more about our search process.

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Our Qualifications


  • Prestige Scientific has provided executive search services in the Life Sciences for almost two decades.
  • Member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices specializing in retained search for executives & management.
    • Industry Expert – The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, CNN
    • Network Overview 112,500 Completed Searches, 2,540,000 Candidate Database
  • Named top 20 Executive Search firms by the Boston Business Journal
  • Founding Partners, Michael Barros and Stephen Provost.
  • Our systematic approach has proven to decrease our client’s time-to-fill while increasing hiring accuracy.
  • On average our searches are completed in 59 days, with the eventual hire presented by the 9th day, and with a 99.7% success rate.
  • The firm is divided into distinct Practice Areas with experts specializing in those specific areas.
  • Members in good standing and always abide by the strict code of ethics of the National Association of Personnel Services.

“From Discovery through Commercial”


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices
  • Diagnostics


  • Executive & Senior Management
  • Discovery & Preclinical
  • Clinical & Physician
  • Regulatory & Quality Assurance
  • Manufacturing & Technical Operations
  • Commercial & Business Development
  • Human Resources & Talent Acquisition
  • Interim Staffing & Consultants
  • Corporate Expansion & Relocation

Our Network


Prestige Scientific is a member of the Sanford Rose Associates® Network of Offices. Established in 1959, Sanford Rose Associates® is a global leader in talent management and recruitment professional services. Ranked 9th largest executive search firm in the country by Hunt Scanlon Industry Expert – The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, and CNN. Network Overview: Over 135,000 completed searches, 2,540,000 candidate database. Learn more about Sanford Rose Associates.

Our Leadership


Since 2001, Prestige Scientific’s leaders have built innovative leadership teams in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and have fostered relationships built on trust and transparency. Their expertise places them as valuable advisors to our clients and candidates. Meet the rest of our team.

Stephen Provost, Stephen Provost Managing Partner, Stephen Provost Prestige Scientific, Prestige Scientific, Biotechnology Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, Biotechnology careers, Pharmaceutical careers, Vice President Biotechnology, Vice President Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Executive search , Pharmaceutical Executive search,
Stephen Provost
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Michael Barros, Michael Barros Partner, Michael Barros Prestige Scientific, Clinical and Physician, clinical recruiting, clinical executive search, clinical jobs, physicians, Physician jobs, Physician executive search, Physician careers, Biotechnology Recruiter, Pharmaceutical Recruiter, Biotechnology Executive search , Pharmaceutical Executive search
Michael Barros
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Jake Kind
Managing Partner
Shawn Friend
Senior Partner
James Calvino, James Calvino Prestige Scientific, James Calvino Partner, Partner Prestige Scientific, Regulatory jobs, Regulatory career, regulatory recruiter, regulatory recruiting, regulatory affairs, quality, quality jobs, quality affairs, quality affairs jobs, quality affair recruiter, quality affair recruiting
James Calvino
Tricia Krzywicki, Tricia Krzywicki Prestige Scientific, Tricia Krzywicki Director, Preclinical, preclinical and discovery, preclinical recruiter, preclinical recruiting, executive preclinical search, preclinical jobs,
Tricia Krzywicki
Butch Hawking
Mark Carlson, Mark Carlson Prestige Scientific, Prestige Scientific, Mark Carlson Senior Search Consultant, Biotechnology Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, Biotechnology careers, Pharmaceutical careers, Vice President Biotechnology, Vice President Pharmaceutical, Regulatory, Regulatory Jobs, Quality, Quality Jobs
Mark Carlson
Alison Corshia, Prestige Scientific, Alison Corshia Prestige Scientific, Alison Corshia Head of Operations , Biotechnology Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs
Alison Corshia
Head of Operations
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Devon Asselin
Head of Research & Project Management