Elevate Your EQ

Elevate Your EQ

You know you have an excellent IQ. But what about your EQ?

EQ stands for “emotional quotient,” and like IQ, it measures intelligence—but in a different way. EQ measures how well you understand emotions (both yours and those of other people), and, in turn, how you relate to and handle people.

Obviously, a high EQ is a benefit to leaders. But how do you work on yours?

Fast Company gives a few pieces of advice:

  • Simply focus on becoming more aware of your feelings, noticing your moods and your reactions.
  • Practice listening more. EQ means building stronger connections with other people. And if you tend toward monologuing, that’s something to work on.
  • Take time out when you need to. Like all information, emotional information takes time to process. A little down time can really help.

Consciously elevating your EQ takes work. And it’s worth it.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific