Does your team have an accountability problem?

Does your team have an accountability problem?

Is “lack of accountability” really a thing?

Melissa Raffoni, CEO of The Raffoni Group, cautions leaders to use this phrase sparingly. While saying “we need more accountability,” is often intended to light a fire under people, it can have other consequences — like making people feel threatened.

Besides which, it’s rare that people are consciously trying to shirk accountability. Chances are, there’s something else going on.

And the first place you should look? In the mirror.

Raffoni suggests going through the following checklist:

– Have I been clear about my expectations?
– Have I asked what I can do to help?
– Have I taken time to brainstorm and review processes?
– Have I built a plan of action with my team member?

“Self-awareness is a leadership super power,” she says, and I agree. I work with leaders in my role as Managing Partner all the time — both hiring them and helping them hire.

The ability to look at their own style and practice comes into play frequently during the hiring process. The more self-awareness a candidate or hiring manager possesses, the easier it is to align proper fit.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific, Inc.