Does Your Resume Have Game?

Does Your Resume Have Game?

Does Your Resume Have Game?


In today’s mega-competitive industry it is important to stand out and differentiate oneself from the competition. Most resumes today read like a job description with very little sizzle or compelling, attention-grabbing information.

Let’s cut to the chase. Questions are the answer when it comes to having an excellent resume. Here are 20 questions to ask yourself when putting together your resume … to make sure you and your finished product (a strong resume filled with results-oriented precision) make the starting line-up!

  • What are your top measurable accomplishments which put you in the top 10% of your peer group?
  • Did you make your company money?
  • Save your company money (savings to the bottom line and/or budget)?
  • Save time or shrink a timeline?
  • Mitigate risk or problem solve in a creative manner that … if not for your actions … disaster would have been the end-result?
  • Did you increase revenue? If so by how much ($ or %) and in what timeframe?
  • Did you create or pioneer an idea, process, or technology that was adopted company-wide?
  • Was there a percentage increase or decrease in what you accomplished over “x” amount of time?
  • Was there growth and what specifically did it look like? Growth of the business? Growth of your team? Growth in terms of partnerships/new logos?
  • What specific metrics or key performance indicators did you individually or your team collectively … absolutely crush?
  • Did you implement any operational processes which resulted in efficiencies?
  • Did you partner or collaborate with any other internal departments towards the ultimate achievement of a goal or milestone? What was the result? How did that affect the company? What was the result? What was the bottom-line impact?
  • What projects did you and your team complete – on time and under budget?
  • What challenges did you overcome? – Be specific and detail the progression.
  • What do you do best? What are the top skills you bring to the table? – Be sure to include this in your executive summary at the top of your resume.
  • Do you lead a team? How many direct reports and indirects?
  • Do you have P&L or budgetary responsibility?
  • Awards or promotions – Did you, your team, or your company win any awards and what was the significance? – Do list the specifics.
  • Numbers – # of drug/product approvals, # of IND’s, # of BLA’s, # of NDA’s etc
  • Professional or philanthropic recognition – Was there any public recognition in the media or press for your accomplishments on the job or in the philanthropy area doing community service?

The above questions should allow you to showcase your top achievements and major contributions while eliminating the usual fluff which accompanies 90% of resumes these days.


Other quick tips include:

Be sure to customize your resume to the role you seek.

Include your LinkedIn profile link on your resume.

Use a professional email address.

Be sure to proofread your resume so there are no errors – spelling or spacing.

If there is lengthy gap in your career history – write a brief explanation as to why.

Tell the truth on your resume – no need to embellish.



There you have it – a short treatise on how to put together an effective and impactful resume.



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Thank you,

Butch Hawking, Director, Prestige Scientific