Business lesson learned from Eddie Van Halen

Business lesson learned from Eddie Van Halen

The late, great Eddie Van Halen was a guitar legend. To some, he might just seem like a traditional old-school rocker. But ask any music enthusiast, and you’ll hear about the greatest guitarist of a generation; a guy who reinvented the very idea of guitar.

A few years ago, in Popular Mechanics, Van Halen described just how he became such a virtuoso.

As a poor kid growing up in California, he had to tinker and tweak to get the sound he wanted without investing in things like a distortion pedal and a router. 

He offers a glimpse at a lesson he learned early on from his dad: “If something doesn’t do what you want it to, there’s always a way to fix it.”

Business leaders know that playing into the status quo is no way to become a legend. Real leaders—thought leaders—see things differently. If they can’t get the effect they want from the tools they have, they invent new tools. 

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By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific

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