Bring Out The Best In People

Bring Out The Best In People

As a leader, you have many responsibilities, though arguably, one of the most important responsibilities is to bring out the best in people. Your job is to inspire your employees’ results and by doing so your employees will be more motivated.

A study done by a management consulting firm found that 98% of employees who have good managers are motivated to do their best, while only 11% of employees with ineffective managers felt motivated to do their best.

Bringing out the best in others needs to be a deliberate practice. You can learn the skill through examples and practice.

Here are six daily habits of leaders that bring out the best in people to get you on the right path:

1. Focus on the person’s strengths

Identify strengths of your employees and give them opportunities to use those strengths. Some strengths will be obvious, but another good practice is to schedule one-on-one meetings with your employees and ask what they enjoy doing, or what they miss about other jobs they have had. Once you have some guidelines, you can try to give that employee opportunities to do what they enjoy.

2. Empathize with your employees

Listen to what your team members are saying and try to put yourself in their shoes. Listening and responding with empathy can help reduce tension in emotional situations, and will ultimately drive better performance.

3. Give recognition 

Remember when you were mentioned or praised in a team email, or when a client/customer mentioned your department specifically in a good review? It feels great to have your work recognized, and you should do the same for your employees. Something as simple as recognizing hard work in a team email can go a long way.

4. Connect the right people

Great leaders look for talent everywhere and at any level who know the things they don’t. Take time to understand the capabilities of each employee and connect them with others in your company. By doing this you create a cycle of attraction, growth, and opportunity.

5. Don’t micromanage 

Assign and direct general goals in work that needs to be done, but don’t do the work for the person. Look at yourself as a coach or teacher. Give your employees goals that push them to learn something new or level-up their skills. As your employees earn small wins, their confidence will grow and problems will seem easier to solve.

6. Create a safe environment 

Give people permission to think, speak, and act with reason. It’s good to generate an environment that demands high-level work, but you’ll also need to have tolerance for mistakes and understand the importance of learning along the way. This mindset will create a space for your team to thrive.

As someone who has experience managing, mentoring, and motivating teams, I can definitely attest to the importance of leading to bring out the best in people. You will develop a better performing team and have higher retention.

By Devon Asselin, Project Specialist, Prestige Scientific


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