Be unique

Be unique

Whether you’re looking for a job right now or assessing your long-term career prospects, don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to what leaders at your dream companies look like.​ It’s good to be unique!

It could be that everyone at the top looks vaguely the same—maybe in terms of race and gender, maybe in terms of educational status and career experience. But your career path has been unique. Perhaps your goal is to break a glass ceiling.

The things that make you unique are not liabilities: they’re likely hiring differentiators. Hiring managers today are looking for innovative thinkers and diverse points of view.

Education entrepreneur Aimée Eubanks Davis suggests you ask yourself two questions about your career before you apply for a job or head into an interview. These questions will help you see the value in your background and your unique story.

1. What brought you to this work?

2. What unique strengths can you bring to this work?​

Your background might not be like every other candidate for the position—and that’s possibly a really good thing. The companies I work with as a Managing Partner value diversity, innovation and other unique qualities. 

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner Prestige Scientific

Prestige Scientific specializes in all phases of drug development from discovery through commercial (learn more about our expertise). Whether you’re looking for your next career move, or someone to help your company invent and innovate, Prestige Scientific is here for you. Get in touch via email ( or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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