Advice for Jobseekers

Advice for Jobseekers

You’re looking for a job, you’re getting frustrated and you feel like you’ve already heard all the advice in the world.

So possibly nothing I can tell you will be new. But what if you could hear it in a new way?

I love this well-worded advice from Ann Latham, president of Uncommon Clarity: “Figure out what value you can provide. Your credentials and your past are nice — but secondary. I am glad you think you are great, but it’s of little consequence to me. Convince me that my future is better with you than without you. Value, value, value — that’s where it is at.”

When you find a job that’s right for YOU, great! But what you really need to do is convince the hiring manager you’re right for IT.

Gear every communication toward that end. Your resume, your cover letter and your interview should all sell your value to that particular company, hiring manager and role.

In my 20 years as a recruiter, I’ve rarely seen a candidate land a job by being focused on how great the job will be for them. It’s always about how they can add to the company.

Later, when you’re celebrating your new job with your loved ones, you can make it about you.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific