Adding Value to our Clients with Process Management

Adding Value to our Clients with Process Management

When you think of the value a recruiter brings, what comes to mind?

Connections? Intuition? A knack for finding talent?

These are all true, with the right recruiter. But recruiters like myself and the others here at Prestige Scientific hold another essential skill you may not realize: process management.
This is important, because just finding the right candidates and approaching them about roles is only the first step to successful hiring. There’s an entire interview and offer process to navigate, and a skilled recruiter will add value to that whole process, knowing how to negotiate and spot red flags.

A recruiter who knows your business well will also have a point of view on culture fit, so you can gauge whether a candidate is going to work seamlessly with the current personalities on board. Recruiters also help close the gap between the expectations of the client and the candidate.

When you’re deciding whether to outsource hiring to a recruiter, consider all these factors and how they might both save you time and ensure stronger results.

By Michael Barros, Managing Partner, Prestige Scientific, Inc.