10 Factors in Hiring a Search Firm

10 Factors in Hiring a Search Firm

Finding candidates with the best knowledge, experience, values, and skill set to fill essential company roles can be challenging. Filling these roles is vital and it means you need to be spending the time and money to identify the best individual for the position. This is where you should consider hiring an executive search firm and utilizing all they can bring to the table.

1. Leadership: Top executive search firms have extensive knowledge of their industry and understand what it will take for a new hire to be successful in a role. This can be a game-changer when it comes to filling management and Executive level positions.

3. Discretion: Engaging with executives still gainfully employed in competing companies requires discretion and consideration. The top executive search firms employ consultants who understand this and are able to read individual situations and act accordingly.

4. Reputation: Having a strong reputation and recognition will get you a response from potential candidates. Candidates are more likely to take the time to speak with someone coming from an established and well-reputed firm.

5. Network: Executive search firms have established networks as well as consultants who know how to utilize them. Firms have access to a number of senior-level contacts both locally and globally, meaning wherever the talent is, they will find it.

6. Diversity & Inclusion: Top employers place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The positive effect of a diversified work environment is a recognizable factor to the success of an organization. Top search firms will enable diversity and execute their searches with this key factor in mind.

7. Specialization: Executive search consultants are market masters in their respective fields. They utilize industry-specific knowledge and know how to find and bring in individuals with the perfect skill set for the company.

8. Capacity: When looking for a new hire, companies should review their internal resources to see whether they have the time and industry accessibility to effectively conduct the search on their own. Consistently reviewing CVs to find ideal candidates requires time intensive resources. Finding the right candidate often requires a search beyond postings and a referral network.

10. Sustained impact: Executive search firms base success not only on filling the role, but the success and longevity of the hire. Their goal is to bring a positive effect to the company overall, not only fill a necessary position.