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One-fifth of employers unknowingly asked an illegal interview question

Over 15 years of search, I’ve heard a lot of illegal questions from both clients and candidates. Many times, there are some people that have been promoted into very significant roles within organizations, but have not gone through formal interview training and they are not familiar with the laws. Unknowingly, they open their employer up to potential discrimination lawsuits and other…

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Prestige Scientific completes VP, Clinical Development (MD) Search

Prestige Scientific announces the successful completion of search #4404:  Vice President, Clinical Development-Rare Diseases. Milford MA. -May 2015– Prestige Scientific, an executive search firm that advises clients on recruiting impactful leaders, today announced its successful completion of Search Project #4404.  This high profile search is one of several completed for our client in 2015 as we assist in building out their US…

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